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Search results :: APPROACH (35)



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2011-02-10 E-Book Wiley-Distributed Database Management Systems A Practical Approach 2010 RETAiL EBook DiGiBook Search .nfo
2011-02-10 E-Book Edward Elgar-Technology and Anti Money Laundering A Systems Theory and Risk Based Approach 2010 RETAiL EBook DiGiBook Search .nfo
2011-02-02 E-Book Cambridge University Press-Network Security A Decision and Game Theoretic Approach 2010 RETAiL EBook DiGiBook Search .nfo
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2009-02-17 E-Book CRC A Combinatorial Approach to Matrix Theory and Its Applications Aug 2008 eBook DDU Search .nfo
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2008-02-20 E-Book Packt Publishing SOA Approach to Integration Nov 2007 eBook BBL Search .nfo
2007-03-04 E-Book Wiley Developing Chemical Information Systems An Object Oriented Approach Using Enterprise Java Dec 2006 eBook BBL Search .nfo
2007-02-24 E-Book Apress BizTalk 2006 Recipes A Problem Solution Approach Sep 2006 eBook BBL Search .nfo
2006-08-30 E-Book Apress dot NET 2.0 Interoperability Recipes A Problem Solution Approach Mar 2006 eBook BBL Search .nfo
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2006-02-13 E-Book Apress JDBC Recipes A Problem Solution Approach Sep 2005 eBook BBL Search .nfo
2006-01-21 E-Book Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology A Collaborative Approach to Effective Profiling eBook EEn Search .nfo
2005-12-28 E-Book Springer Functional Verification of Programmable Embedded Architectures A Top Down Approach Jul 2005 eBook DDU Search .nfo
2005-10-16 E-Book Cambridge University Press Bayesian Logical Data Analysis for the Physical Sciences A Comparative Approach With Mathematica Supp YYePG Search .nfo
2005-09-22 E-Book Prentice Hall PTR The Linux Kernel Primer A Top Down Approach for x86 and PowerPC Architectures Sep 2005 eBook BBL Search .nfo
2005-09-13 E-Book Addison Wesley Aspect Oriented Analysis and Design The Theme Approach Mar 2005 eBook BBL Search .nfo
2005-09-01 E-Book Addison Wesley Capability Cases A Solution Envisioning Approach eBook BBL Search .nfo



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