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Collectorz com Game Collector Pro v5.0.1

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2009-09-24 ALL Collectorz com Game Collector Pro v5.0.1.full.rar Cracked Search .nfo
2009-09-20 ALL Collectorz com Game Collector Pro v5.0.1 [FullVersion] Cracked Search .nfo
2009-09-22 ALL [HIGHSPEED] Collectorz com Game Collector Pro v5.0.1 Cracked Search .nfo
2009-09-25 ALL [TRUSTED DOWNLOAD] Collectorz com Game Collector Pro v5.0.1 Cracked Search .nfo

2012-07-13 16:32
Download:  .nfo

                        ۲ ܲ
              ۲ ۲   ۲       
              ۲       ۲   ۲      
             ۲   ۲  ۲ ޲    ۲   ߲
                 ޲      ۲ ۱     ۲
           ߲   ܲ   ۲ ۲ ޲     ۲   
              ܲ    ۲ݰ ۲    ۲    
           ۲       ۲      ۲     
          ޲    ۲      ۲      ۲
           ۲      ۲ ۲   ۲     ۲
               ߲    ۲۲۲  ۰  ۲
                     ۲        ܲ۲
                       ۲        ܲ    ߲
               ܲ           ߲     ۲ݰ
                         TE 2012 PRESENTS                  
                  ߲                           ߲           
              ANOTHER FINE RELEASE         

    Release: Game Collector Pro v5.0.1 (c) 2012

    Date: 07/13/2012

    Cracked By: Twisted EndZ

    Release Type:
      [X] Registration/Serial Crack
      [ ] Activation Crack
      [ ] Trial Crack
      [X] Server Check Crack
      [ ] Serial
      [ ] Hidden/Added Features Enabler
      [ ] Other

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      [ ] Keygen

       ܲ              ߲                           ߲              ܲ
     ܲ                                 ۲
    ߲            RELEASE NOTES            ۲
        ߲                                           ۲
        ޲                                                     ۲  
    ܲ                                                         ܲ

        Catalog your video games automatically
        Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, DS and older platforms
        Download data & images from our online database

        Create a personal game database
         Catalog platform, developer, publisher, release date 
         Include a game description and screenshots 
         All platforms supported, from the current to the classics 

        Then enjoy browsing your personal game database on your computer
         View your game database as a list or as gallery of cover
         Group games by platform, genre, series or any other property. 
         Find games quickly, either by title, genre or anything you

        Add games to your database in three easy steps
         1. Enter title and platform to search our online game database. 
         2. Select your game from the search results. 
         3. Click the Add button to add it to your personal database. 

        Game Collector will automatically download data and images
         All game information: Developer, Publisher, Genre, Release
          Date, etc... 
         More details like audience rating and a description of the game 
         The box cover image 

        Want it even easier? Try cataloging your games by barcode
         No need to type titles, just use a scanner to scan the game's
         The search results will automatically return the exact edition
          that you own. 
         Try our deluxe laser scanner or the simple Cuecat scanner. 
 Game Collector Features:

         Jump directly to key features:
         Browse your game database 
         Add data & covers automatically 
         Supported game platforms 
         Available data fields 
         Search and sort your database 
         View your data in various skins 
         View statistics of your database 
         Print your game data 
         Export game data, e.g. to HTML 
         Use the game loan manager  

        Browse your game collection
         Browse your game inventory on screen, ordered the way you want
          (e.g. by Platform, by Genre, by Purchase Date, etc...). 
         You can view your lists in a columnar List View or in the cool
          Images View, showing just the cover art. 
         Group your games in folders, e.g. by Platform or by Genre or
          scroll through them as one big list. 

        Add games to your game database in 3 easy steps!
         Step 1. Enter Platform and Title 
                 Game Collector will search our online game database for
                  game information. 
         Step 2. Select your game from the Search Results 
                 Game Collector will show a list of games that match
                  your search. Just select your game from the list. 
         Step 3. Click Add to add the game to your game database 
                 Game Collector will now download the Developer,
                  Publisher, Release Date, genre, etc... including the
                  box cover image. 

        Or catalog games by scanning their barcode
         Scanning barcodes is the fastest way to catalog video games. 
         No need to enter the titles or platforms and no need to select
          your specific edition, the search results will automatically
          return the exact edition that you own. 

        - Tip: try our deluxe laser scanner or the simple Cuecat scanner. 

        The Game database
         Game Collector gets its game data and cover images from our own
 Game database. 
         Users of the program help build and maintain the database by
          submitting data and images to us using Game Collector's Submit
          feature. Our content managers judge and process the submitted
          data manually, so that data quality is ensured. 
         At the moment, the database contains data for nearly 18
          thousand video games on 70 different platforms. 
         Game Collector Connect is the home of the Game

        Supported platforms

        Game Collector and its online game database support all available
        game platforms. The online database has data for game on 70
        different platforms, of course including the popular current
        consoles and PC games, but also the previous generations and
        classic video game consoles: 
         Playstation 3 
         Xbox 360 
         Nintendo 64 
         Playstation 2 
         Game Boy Advance 
         Nintendo DS 
         Playstation 1 
         Super Nintendo 
         Game Boy 
         Sega Genesis 
         Sega Saturn 
         Sega Dreamcast 
         Atari 2600 
         Commodore 64 
         and way more... 

        Available Fields

         Main game data 
                 Platform (Xbox 360, Wii, PC, etc...) 
                 Release Date 
                 Format (DVD, CD, UMD, Cartridge, etc...) 
         Extra game details 
                 Multiplayer Support (Split Screen, LAN, etc...) 
                 Devices (Headset, Light Gun, Steering Wheel, etc...) 

         Personal data 
                 Purchase info: Date, Store, etc... 
                 Current Value 
                 User Defined Fields (use Tools / Field Names to rename
                 Completion Date 

         Links, Images and Notes 
                 Game Description 
                 Front Cover 
                 Back Cover 
                 Add links to websites 
                 Add links to Images 

         Collection Status 
                 Use the In Collection Status field to indicate whether
                  a game is actually in your possession, on your wishlist
                  or For Sale. 
                 Use the In Collection Status filter menu to quickly
                  show your wishlist, your "in collection" items, etc... 

        Data entry and maintenance tools
         Built-in Auto Capitalization function, e.g. typing "metroid
          prime 3: corruption" will automatically change into "Metroid
          Prime 3: Corruption". The AutoCap feature is fully user
          configurable, including an exceptions list. 
         Next/Previous buttons in Edit Game screen let you edit multiple
          movies in a row, without leaving the edit screen. 
         Use the Edit Multiple feature to modify data for multiple
          movies or episodes in one go. 
         Automatic Sort Title generator make sure that titles like "The
          Sims" are sorted correctly. 
         Rename data fields to suit your needs, several User Defined
          fields are available for this purpose. 

        Searching your database
         Order your games lists any way you like using the Sort Order
         Use the Quick Search box to search your entire database for the
          occurrence of a particular text 
         Use advanced filters using brackets, AND, OR, NOT, equal, not
          equal, greater than, less than, contains, starts with, ends
          with, wildcards (PRO edition only) 
         Save your filters and activate them directly using the Filter
          menu on the toolbar (PRO edition only) 

         Simple Sort Field selection screen, just use checkboxes to
          select the fields you want 
         Save your sort order definitions and activate them directly
          using the Sort Order menu on the toolbar (Pro edition only)

         Simple Column selection screen, just use checkboxes to select
          the fields you want 
         Save your column definitions and activate them directly using
          the Columns menu on the toolbar (PRO edition only)

        Details View Templates
         CSS Styles system: 
                 Template menu allows selecting various "styles" for
                  each template (using a submenu) 
                 Styles can be created using CSS style sheets 
         Use several styles for Full Details template 
         Use Game Collector 3 templates, in 4 different styles (blue,
          black, iTunes & gray) 

        Screen Layout setting
        Offering six different layout configurations of tree, list and
        details panel 
         Horizontal Split 
         Vertical Split 
         Full Width Details 
         Full Height Tree 
         Full Height Details 
         Simple Layout (hides tree automatically) 

        Database Statistics (PRO edition only)
         Use the Statistics screen to view all kinds of stats on your
          game library. 
         Use the graphical view to shows bar graphs per Genre, Platform,
          Publisher, etc... 

        Printing (PRO edition only)
         Print lists of your games. You decide which fields to show as
          columns and which field(s) to sort the list on. 
         Print one game per page with all details, including box cover
         Print a selection of games, e.g. the result of a search. 

        Export to HTML (PRO edition only)
         Export game lists to HTML format, so that you can view and show
          your collection on your website. 
         Export game details pages using various layout templates and
          styles, including all game details and cover images. 

        Export to the Notes section of your iPod (PRO edition only)
         Export a list of your games to the iPod Notes system. 
         Take your iPod with you to the store and browse your collection
          right there on the spot, nicely grouped by Platform. 
         Now you can always check which games you already own and thus
          avoid duplicate purchases. 

        Other Export Options (PRO edition only)
         Export to List Pro, for using your data on your Palm or
          PocketPC (Windows only). 
         Export to Text (e.g. CSV), for using your data in other
          programs like Excel. 
         Export to XML. 

        Loan Manager (PRO edition only)
         Track which Games you loaned and to who 
         Track Loan Date, Due Date and actual Return Date 
         Add extra notes for each loan 
         View all Loaned items, all Overdue items or entire loan history 

        The Windows edition of Game Collector is compatible with Windows
        98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. It is available in the following
        languages: English, Dutch, German, Turkish, Polish, Spanish,
        Brasilian Portuguese, Indonesian. 

        Use the Help File
         Added task based help topics 
         Full keyword index 
         Context sensitive help (Help buttons) in most screens of the

        Whats New In v5.0 Build 1?:

        Automatic Game Backdrops and Game Trailer Videos:
        * Automatic Game Backdrops (background images for the details
          - New field Backdrop on Edit Game / Images.
          - Automatic delivery of game backdrop images for most popular
            games, when Adding/Updating games through the Add/Update Auto
          - Use the Find Backdrop screen to find more backdrops online.
        * Game Trailers
          - Automatically download YouTube links for game trailers.
          - Play embedded YouTube game trailers inside the Details Panel.
        * Use Update Games Automatically to get backdrops and trailers
          for the existing game entries in your database, all in one go.

        Improved Add Games Automatically screen
        * The two main Add methods (by Title / by Barcode) are now split
          over 2 separate tab-pages, resulting in a cleaner and simpler
        * Platform Favorites: list just the Platforms you own in the
          Platform dropdown box. Use the Search Settings screen to
          indicate your favorites.

        New: Cover Flow view
        * The Cover Flow is a 3rd viewing option in the main screen,
          next to List and Images.
        * Browse through your games by cover image, in a cool looking 3D
          image browser.

        New: Customizable images for all pick list items:
        * Set your own image for any list item, e.g. for Platforms,
          Formats, Developers
          - Set a 16x16 image that will appear in the tree and list on
            main screen.
          - Set a larger template image for use in Details View
        * Game Collector now comes with over 40 Platform icons and
          images, that are automatically used in the tree, list and
          Details Panel templates, including new icons for PS Vita and

        Improved Edit Game screen
        * Better layout:
          - Clearer separation of game data, edition-specific data and
            personal data
          - The main personal fields (status, index, quantity, rating)
            are now in a "sticky" panel at the bottom, which is available
            on all tabs.
        * New calendar tool for easier entry of date fields, plus an easy
          button to set a date field to today's date.

        Hardware support: new fields and folder options.
        * New field: Serial Number, list the serial numbers of your
        * New field: Hardware Type, indicate a category for your
          accessories, e.g. "Console", "Controller", "Cable" etc...
        * The Games/Hardware field (indicating the item type) is now
          available as a folder field for the tree panel, allowing you to
          separate your games and hardware items in their own folders.

        More stats in Database Totals screen:
        * The Database Totals screen now includes more stats, separating
          totals for games and hardware.

        Improved Update File Links screen
        * Update/repair your file links (e.g. cover images, backdrops,
          etc..) with the redesigned Update File Links screen (in Tools /
        * Simplified user interface, just use either the Automatic or the
          Manual button to indicate the new file locations, then click
          Update to "make it so".
        * The "Automatic" system is now more intelligent in dealing with
          non-unique filenames. It now also uses the containing folder
          names for matching.
        * New "Manual" method for just replacing the old base folder with
          a new one.
        * New "File Type" filter.

        Re-Designed Loan Manager
        * Complete re-design of the Loan Manager screen.
          - Two panel design with separate Outstanding Loans and Loan
            History panels.
          - The new Loan Manager is now the central place to return *and*
            loan games. Use the switch at the top to switch between
            separate Loan and Return modes.
        * Over-due games are clearly indicated at the top and in red.
        * Improved barcode scanner support:
          - Scanners can now be used to return and loan games.
          - Batch scanning support (e.g. with the OPN-2001, Flic or CLZ
        * Automatic overdue notifications when starting Game Collector.

        New V5 templates for Details View and Add Auto Preview
        * Platforms and Languages are now shown with images (see above)
        * V5 template is available in 8 styles: Blue, Black, White and
          Red, all with Gemma or Logo background.

        Main screen: 
        * The Games/Hardware field (indicating the item type) is now
          available as a folder field for the tree panel, allowing you to
          separate your games and hardware items in their own folders.
        * After editing an item, the list's scroll position is now
          restored exactly to where it was before the edit action.

        New startup "splash" screen featuring Gemma

        For More Info On Game Collector Pro Visit:

                      TE Release Filename:

       ܲ              ߲                           ߲              ܲ
     ܲ                                 ۲
    ߲          INSTALLATION NOTES         ۲
        ߲                                           ۲
        ޲                                                     ۲  
    ܲ                                                         ܲ

        Install gamecollectorsetup.exe.  After installation copy
        precracked exe from the Crack folder to the installed folder of Game Collector Pro, making sure to overwrite the
        existing file.  You now have a fully registered version of Game
        Collector Pro!


        Going to ONCE AGAIN state the obvious because some people can't
        seem to use common sense and nuke a working release because of
        their stupidity.  So here we go again and state the obvious in
        each release of any applications:

        We have for awhile now made searching at work and
        not show illegal key, allowing game lookup to work from that
        source, while another group's crack didn't allow any searching
        there at all.  Now of course if you add over the 50+ normal limit
        for Game Collector, and request data well over that limit from
        the server in ONE BIG SEARCH, your going to be red flagged and
        the server WILL block your IP and only your IP and say your
        trial is up (and this is ONLY for retrieval of updates from
        them).  This again should be quite obvious with server side
        protection and using a cracked application, but we give you the
        option to still be able to download from them, nobody else could
        before (we won't explain our method).  It's a dead giveaway if
        you request more than you should and don't have a legit account
        with them, but seems some of you just don't listen.

        We will state it again clearly, don't search over that limit in
        one large update to your database!  Example would be 50 to 75
        back to back automatic searches/updates in one use.  If you do
        half of the normal limit (25 searches) and more at a later time,
        you'll be fine as we have patched the counter inside your
        collection file.  For people that refuse to listen (like you
        nuker), you have been warned!

        Change your IP if you somehow forget this, or wait for the ban to
        be lifted if you don't listen (YES!! using a FREE PROXY found 
        easily with google, allows you once again to search right away,
        showing you its server side!!  Proxy IP is added within the
        program).  You still have ALL the other Pro features anyways.
        Besides, if your using this program to store that many games,
        it's about time you paid for it and made that purchase to support
        this great database manager.

        Thats it!  Enjoy.

            ۲                                             ܲ
             ޲        ܲ ߲      ߲        ޲  
         ܲ       ޲                   ޲       ߲
      ۲   ۲   ۲  T E   2 0 1 2  ܲ   ܲ   ߲
     ܲ    ۲                 ܲ    ߲۲
    ݰ      ۲ ۲۲           ܲ ޲      ޲
     ߲     ۲      ۲۲  ascii  ܲ           ܲ
       ߲۲  ۲  by mx  ۲  ߲۲
                     Don't Hate The Hacker,  Hate The Code ߰
                   ߲   ܲ



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